Why The Right Must Be Evil

On A Wing And A Whim has a pretty credible explanation for the hostility that statists invariably express towards those who want to be free...
If you can’t control your own destiny, then find someone who can and hand over everything to them. And if someone else crosses your path who is completely outside your world, who exists in the self-assured belief that they control their own destiny... either they must be an elite that you can hand your destiny over to, or they are a threat to your entire world, because they challenge your deepest beliefs, your basest fears, and your ego.
In their eyes, you are no longer someone with a different point of view; you are a threat, someone who's very existence tells them that they made the wrong choice.  Since they cannot admit that, even to themselves, the only option that remains is to assume that you did not make a rational choice.  So you must be evil, insane, stupid, hateful, misled, or all of the above, because after all, they cannot be wrong.

Sound familiar?

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