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DC police finally complete investigation of that thing David Gregory did on national TV
It's illegal to possess a high-capacity ammunition magazine in Washington, DC. Nonetheless, David Gregory waved one around on Meet the Press a few weeks ago...
Gregory’s defenders, such as Howard Kurtz, point out that Gregory wasn’t hurting anybody. His intentions were pure. Therefore, the law doesn’t apply to him. Is that how it works?
Apparently not:
While Mr. Gregory got away without being arrested or going to jail, the police arrested 105 other people in 2012 on charges that included possession of “high capacity” feeding devices.
One of those cases was James Brinkley, an Army Veteran and federal employee, who was handcuffed, arrested and jailed for possessing two so-called high-capacity magazines and an unregistered firearm. The OAG refused to drop the charges, despite overwhelming evidence that he was legally transporting through Washington.
Mr. Brinkley contacted the DC police for advice, attempted to follow the law, and had the book thrown at him.

Mr. Gregory contacted the DC police for advice, flagrantly disregarded the law, and was not even arrested.

Is it any wonder that trust in the government and the media are at all-time lows?


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