She's Got A Way With Words

Anniversary weekend.  Kids were away at the grandparents, and the lovely Mrs. Robb and I were sitting around a fire out back behind out temporary townhouse.

"I'm so grateful for the life we've forged together", she said.

I told her I appreciated that particular word - "forged".

She asked why.

I said "Some people might have said grown, or found, or built, or nurtured, or developed.  You chose to say we took life, threw it into a fire until it was near molten, then beat it into the shape that we desired."

Gotta love a woman like that :-)

Well, Now.

For the first time in the cruise industry history, an American female ship captain will take the helm of a giant cruise ship.
Celebrity Cruises said Monday that San Francisco native Kate McCue will command the Celebrity Summit, a 91,000 ton, 965-foot ship sailing between the U.S. east coast and Bermuda. 
Congratulations to Captain McCue, and a very special congratulation to the (no doubt liberal, tolerant, and socially minded) executives running Celebrity for finally reaching a milestone the US Navy managed 25 year ago.