Why Johnny Shouldn't "git push"

Slowly getting back into the habit of blogging...

Ted Tso has a nice little article up titled "Reflections on a complaint from a frustrated git user", where he comments on another series of blog posts about problems using git to publish changes.  We're using git where I work now, and while it's a wonderful source control system, the change from centralized to distributed SCM does require wrapping your head around some new concepts, and this article is a nice starting point in understanding the differences between the two models.

Best. Function. Name. EVAR.

Digging around in the FreeBSD source code for the shutdown utility, I came across what is probably the best function name I've ever seen:

void die_you_gravy_sucking_pig_dog() {
As I've been dealing with process lifecycle management code for the past few days, this name really, really, really resonated with me.