More embedded news

Seems like this is the day for this sort of thing.  April showers bring may flowers... and updated releases of embedded build systems.

Debian is starting down the path of supporting FreeBSD kernels.  They've added i386 and amd64 support to the unstable line.  This means that you should be able to build Debian based embedded systems that use a FreeBSD kernel.  Neat stuff.

Oh, and it reminds me that in my last post, I didn't mention emdebian, which is the embedded Debian system.


Yet another embedded Linux build system

This one is e2factory from emlix. It joins the ranks of other embedded Linux build systems like buildroot, ptxdist, OpenEmbedded, Embedded Gentoo, and a whole host of similar projects.

We're approaching symmetry, I think - where we have a 1:1 correspondence between embedded Linux build systems and open source mp3 players.  I'm really not sure if that's a good thing or not.