Advanced C Coding For Fun

Courtesy of Rusty Russell. Bonus link to CCAN, the Comprehensive C Archive Network, which I really should spend some time examining.

"There are more things in heaven and earth..."

Christian Goths.

"She explained that they don’t go to church because they get judged; they gather informally at a particular time and place in town, out of doors, when the weather permits. Once a year, they go to Cornerstone Festival. Her eyes grew joyous as she spoke. “That’s where we find each other,” she said."

Floating a meme...

In the current round of budgetary he-said she-said, there's a particular idea that I've not seen expressed - or, at least, not expressed clearly.

If the government has a fixed operating budget - which it does, one way or another - then every dollar that is spent on a government employee is a dollar that cannot be spent on entitlement programs.

If keeping medicare, medicade, social security and other programs is so important, then doesn't it make sense to reduce the size of government as much as possible, to ensure that the funding for those "essential" programs can continue?

Just a thought.

Edit: 2/17 - Coyote gets it. Great minds, and all that, y'know. Either that, or I'm doing a good imitation of a stopped clock...

Regarding Public Unions in Wisconsin

I laughed out loud at this comment on Ann Althouse's blog:

"Okay, so, Republicans tick off unions and next election they get 2% of the union vote instead of 3%. Chilling."