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From a friend's wall of the Book of Faces, where the topic of discussion is the current DNC train wreck. A fellow who I presume is a Democrat commented:
"I'm having a hard time digesting some of what I've seen from people who are supposed to be in the same party as me."
Dude. Welcome to the club.

We're looking for a name. How does "Libertarian" sound to you?

What Is The Sound Of No Man Posting?

On Facebook, I have a handful of folks tagged, starred, liked, and otherwise marked so that Ye Olde Algoythms of Science can understand that updates from them are important, man.

And yet, I routinely miss updates from those people.

As in, multiple times a day.

Today was particularly bad, as the top post in my news feed is now somewhere around 16 hours old. Whereas I usually see 20-30 new posts per hour during the day, for some reason today, I'm seeing a tenth of that.  Folks are still posting - I'm just not seeing it.

I swear that Facebook must intentionally run their internal network with the crappiest UDP implementation they were able to hack together over a drunken weekend back in '03.

... which would explain a lot about Facebook, really.

In Reference To The Previous Post

Worthy of Iowahawk

I wish I could claim this as my own, but it was part of a conversation between two friends on the Book of Faces:
Q: "Our 2016 presidential election. Which political party is going to have the hardest time putting lipstick on their pig?" 
A: "I don't think we're at that end of the pig anymore."

Looking Forward To The Third Party In The Debates!

No, not the Libertarians - though I have hopes for that, as well.  But according to Stephen Colbert, "A Giant Meteor Hitting Earth" Is Now Polling at 13%.

If we can get the SMOD polling at 15% or better, it gets included in the presidential debates!
Moderator: "Next question. Sweet Meteor of Death, could you explain your stance on Social Security reforms?"
SMOD: "Well, Tom. I plan on dealing with the Social Security solvency issues by crashing through the atmosphere, impacting the earth, and plunging the world into a new era of death, destruction and dystopia as humanity struggles to remain alive."
Moderator: "... wasn't that your answer for the last three questions as well?" 
SMOD: "Absolutely! Why mess with a winning strategy?" 
Moderator: "Do you really think the American people will go for your 'Death, Destruction, Dystopia' message?" 
SMOD: "Tom, allow me to point out that just one of the many benefits of my D3 agenda is that not only will neither Trump nor Clinton be president, there is actually an excellent chance of both of them dying horribly."
Moderator: "Definitely something that weighs in your favor, then."

"So fair, yet so cold..."

Well, it seems as if Hillary Clinton has won some campaign support from the most unlikely of places: Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, where the forces of Sauron, long oppressed by the so-called “free” peoples, have made common cause with the Witch-Queen of New York. 

Mature and Reasoned?

Earlier today, on the Book of Faces, a friend of a friend commented:
"In this country, we desperately need a mature, reasoned discussion about..."
About what doesn't really matter. What I want to talk about is my reaction to that particular phrase: "mature, reasoned discussion".

When I saw that, I had to stop and take a step back. My friend has a fine, upstanding, intelligent, insightful group of folks that participate in and comment on various posts. I had no reason to believe that this individual meant anything by their comment except that they think we need to have a... well. a mature, reasoned discussion about that particular topic.

That's what the words mean.

That's what I read.

What I heard was: "Shut up", he explained.

Which pretty much stopped me in my tracks, because that is not the sort of reaction I am used to having in that context. I was struck by just how negatively that phrase impacted me. I had a very visceral, gut level, negative reaction to those words. I had to do a mental reset to keep it from coloring my opinion of the comment.

Thinking about it, I am pretty sure that it comes from wading deep into 2A discussions online recently. There, use of that particular phrase (or close variations) almost seems to be a talking point. I am pretty sure that you know the general conversational template:
Person #1: "Why can't we just enact reasonable gun control laws?!?!?"
Person #2: [explanation of current gun control laws]
Person #3: [discussion of problems enforcing current laws]
Person #4: [points out problems with gun control legislation du jour]
Person #1: "What we really need is a mature, reasoned discussion..."
When Person #1 hauls out the "mature, reasoned discussion" phrase, what they are implying - whether they actually mean to do so or not - is that they do not consider anything proceeding their comment to be mature or reasoned. Which says something about their opinion of the previous commenters.  More to the point, since they have decided those comments are neither mature nor reasoned, then they cannot be part of the discussion.

It is an insulting, dismissive phrase.

In other words... "Shut up", he explained.

If Jane Austin Worked for a Startup

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a company in possession of a good product, must be in want of someone to diagnose Unicode issues."

Schrödinger's Amendment

"Seriously. Who needs an AR-15? All they're good is for killing people!"

"Eh. Not me. I want one, mind you. They're fun to shoot. But no, I don't need one."

"Right! So we should pass a law that makes them illegal, then confiscate all of them!"

"Then I'd need one."

"... I thought you said you didn't need one?"

"If they make them illegal and start to confiscate them, then I'll need one."

"What? Why?"

"Because someone will try to come and take it away."

"But you don't even have one!"

"At that point, I won't want to have one. But I'll need to have one."


"To keep someone from taking it away."

"But you don't have one!"

"Right. But I'll need one."

"But you don't have one now!"

"No one's trying to take it away, now. So I want one, but I don't need one."

"But if they try to take it away..."

"Then I'll need one, but I won't want one."


"Because I don't want to have to shoot anybody."

"I don't want anybody shooting anybody!"

"Then don't try to take away my AR-15."


"Right. Because I don't need one... yet."

If It Was Hard To Write, Then It Should Be Hard To Read

OK, yes. I admit it. I laughed out loud.


Then I started to memorize the insults.