Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

CNN has announced the end of Piers Morgan Live.  As the Diplomad noted:
If anything, I think Morgan is the provincial one; he just assumed he did not need to know anything about American history or culture before chirping away with lots of advice and condescension. I like and admire Britain a great deal, and am fortunate to have counted lots of British diplomats, military, businessmen, journalists, academics, students and others among my friends during my many years abroad. That said, when you run into the classic anti-American Brit--OMG!--it becomes very, as noted above, tiresome; you quickly realize that much of it is driven by ignorance and envy.
With the pull quote FTW:
Getting back to Piers, he clearly had a deep streak of anti-Americanism, and a sense of entitlement, but above all, was just not very interesting nor apparently all that smart. 
As they would say in the great Northeast, "Ah-yep."

Now, one might find this announcement surprising. After all, it looked very much like Mr. Morgan was firmly ensconced in his perfect natural habitat as the condescending host of a cable news opinion show on the increasingly provincial, anti-American, not very interesting and apparently not very smart CNN.

A brief conversation between your humble host and the lovely Mrs. Robb sums up the issue:
Me: "Piers Morgan's been cancelled."
She: "From what?"
Me: "His television show."
She: "Didn't know he had one."
Me: "... and there you go."
Fare winds and following seas, Piers.

By which I mean "I hope they put you on a slow boat back to the UK ASAP."

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Just in case you missed it, they have this thing going on in Venezuela.

Collapsing economy, protests, police brutality, the whole slo-mo failure of yet another socialist experiment, yadda yadda.  You might not have caught the 15 seconds the Big Three devoted to it just before their in-depth exposé on the latest Beiber story.

I am absolutely, positively sure that it would have worked out absolutely perfectly this time... if they had just had the Right People in charge.  Funny how the Wrong People keep messing up the perfection of the socialist state, isn't it?

Socialism™!  Ask for it by name!

Then run like hell.

Which One Is It, Then?

Sabra at Tailer Park Paradise comments on "... the odd dichotomy I constantly see from any number of my teacher friends on Facebook":
1. Teachers are the bulwarks against stupidity and take extra special care of your precious snowflakes and teach them all they need to know to make it in the world, so you should pay them a lot more than they are already paid. 
2. If a student fails in school, it's not the teacher's fault but someone else's.  It is therefore unfair to judge a teacher on the performance of her students and want to fire teachers whose students underperform. 
Again, I say: you can't have it both ways.
I sincerely doubt that there are any individual teachers who hold both views simultaneously. I think it is far more likely that good teachers argue from POV #1, while bad teachers argue from POV #2... and teacher's unions argue from whichever one they think will suit their interests at the moment.

Let the Mockery Continue!

How many Obamacare supporters does it take to change a light bulb? 
None. They explain the advantages of darkness instead.

+5, Insightful

A comment over at House of Eratosthenes, in reference to liberal hypocrisy and their war on women:
[T]his is why I consider Memento one of the most important movies ever made. He can’t form any new memories, so every new day is a complete blank to him. Every day he has to rediscover his purpose, and recommit himself to his white hot burning hatred for someone he doesn’t even know, and can’t possibly remember twenty minutes from now. He has no idea what he’s tried before, or how it worked out, and he’s physically incapable of learning it. But none of that stops him from literally committing murder, because “justice” or something. 
It’s like being inside a liberal’s head for two hours.

Lead as an Aphrodisiac

This year, I got the lovely Mrs. Robb something special for Valentine's day.  Well, you know.  When I say that I got something for her, really, I mean that I got something for us.  Something we can enjoy together.  The way that married couples often do, if you get my drift...

Of course I mean quality range time.  Sheesh!  Get your mind out of the gutter.

And for those thinking that I am some kind of non-romantic jerk for getting my bride of twenty plus years a brick of ammo, let me tell you... you do not know her like I do.  Chocolate and flowers would have elicited a half-hearted "meh".

Giving her the gift of BLAM!™, though? Priceless.

Epic Movie Rant Is Epic

John C. Wright is not impressed with the second movie in "The Hobbit" trilogy.
I loved the first Hobbit movie and hated, hated, hated the second. It was stupid on every level of stupidity. It is rightly to be called THE DESOLATION OF TOLKIEN.
While I enjoyed "Desolation", I really have to agree with him.  The number or divergences from the actual, you know, story of "The Hobbit" were hardly subtle.  There is a reason that the lovely Mrs. Robb refers to "The Hobbit" as "That Middle-Earth Movie".

Here is a taste to whet your appetite for the whole thing:
Just when I picked myself again off the sticky floor of the theater, blearily wondering where the Hobbit character was after whom this movie was apparently named might be, BAM! The familiar Hammer came down again. This time, it was a scene where Orlando Bloom is standing a zillion feet away from the evil orc bounty hunter Slopgog the Unmentionable or whatever his name is, and he does not shoot him with an elf arrow. 
I sat there, rocking back and forth with my eyes crossed, and through the stream of drool and vitreous humor leaking down my chin I muttered again and again, “Shoot him with an elf arrow. Shoot. Him. With. An. Elf. Arrow. SHOOT HIM WITH AN ELF ARROW! 
But no. No elf arrow was forthcoming.
I have no doubt that "Shoot him with an elf arrow!" will quickly become a family idiom.

The Big Six

Wow.  I have been doing this blogging thing for six years now.  That's, like, 42 in dog years.

Time does fly.

Robb 2016

I am seriously considering a presidential run in 2016.

Quit laughing.  Joe freaking Biden is considering running.  To me, that just screams "Open field!"

Well, Now

A friend of mine told me today, "You are the best friend an aspiring evil overlord could wish for."

What can I say?  It's a gift.

She's At That Stage

Eldest daughter has acquired an acoustic guitar, and is teaching herself how to play.  For the record, I refuse to speculate about how much of this ambition comes from her own desire to learn, and how much of it comes from the fact that a cute male friend at a recent get together was impressed by another young lady's guitar skills.

With a bunch o' years of piano under her belt, I have no doubt that she'll be puttering around adequately in a few weeks.  If she is still interested at that point, we may look into more formal lessons.

Perhaps she and Miss iMac Allen will be able to get together for a jam session some day.

Nine out of Ten Sane People Agree

Christie’s difficulties have caused some high-level Republican donors, bundlers, and party officials, as well as grassroots activists, to look around for a second option for 2016. No one is writing Christie off yet, but these people feel that the high stakes of the next presidential election require a backup plan. The name that is currently highest atop their list is that of Jeb Bush, former two-term governor of Florida and son and brother of presidents.
Let's see what our resident expert has to say on the matter.

I think he makes some excellent points.

Tempest in a Coke Bottle

Apparently, this is a thing:

Personally, I think this commercial is made of pure, unadulterated awesome.

Years ago, Coke wanted to teach the world to sing.  Now we see that the song they want to teach the world to sing is... America the Beautiful.  People from different cultures, different backgrounds, different races, different countries all singing together:

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountains' majesty
Above the fruited plain!

America! America!
God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

Seriously - what is there not to love about that?  I happen to think that America is made of win.  That we are a uniquely different and uniquely special nation that has changed the world for the better.  The thought of people who have come to this country from around the world recognizing that and singing about how wonderful America is sends shivers up and down my spine.

It gives me hope for our nation.  Not the hopey-changey kind, but real, honest-to-God hope.

Which is why I thought it was odd that there was a "conservative backlash" against this ad. Although the existence of the "backlash" seems to be... somewhat questionable.  As Matt Walsh points out:
So imagine my surprise when I went on the internet after the game to see social media abuzz over the “right wing backlash against Coca-Cola.” 
Funny thing: these stories started popping up within minutes of the ad airing. 
Meanwhile, I’m on Twitter as much as the next guy, and I didn’t see anyone complain about the ad. I’m connected with 120 thousand folks on Facebook, and none of them seemed too concerned. I checked the #SpeakAmerican and #BoycottCoke hashtags, and I saw nothing but a bunch of people defending the ad and lambasting the “racists” who were “offended” by it. 
Most of the stories about the phantom “firestorm” cite comments from Alan West and Fox News’ Todd Starnes. As far as notable public figures go, that’s it. Two guys.
Two guys can constitute a STORM OF FIERCE OUTRAGE, apparently.
Emphasis mine.  Go, RTWT.  Matt's got the gift of snark, and deploys it liberally.

The whole situation reminds me of this XKCD comic:

In this case, instead of the citogenesis process, call it the orgegenesis process.

  • A group decides how some other group will react to a piece of media.
  • Anticipating that reaction, the group takes to the internet to express their outrage at... nothing.
  • Others assume that if the outrage exists, then so must the stated cause of the outrage.
  • They take to the internet to write about this outrage du jour, and the cycle is complete.

Kind of a two-minutes hate write large.

Far be it from me to suggest that certain individuals may have had everything ready to kickstart this current orgegenesis cycle.  I am sure that dozens of similar articles about conservative outrage over the Coke commercial that appeared almost immediately on liberal sites were nothing more than an strange coincidence. After all, it's not like they have ever before coordinated their efforts to smear conservatives.  Right?

Anyways.  Coke ad.  Awesome.

Go ahead and teach the world to sing, Coke, with my blessings.

Remind them that America is beautiful.

We could all use a little real hope right now.