Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

CNN has announced the end of Piers Morgan Live.  As the Diplomad noted:
If anything, I think Morgan is the provincial one; he just assumed he did not need to know anything about American history or culture before chirping away with lots of advice and condescension. I like and admire Britain a great deal, and am fortunate to have counted lots of British diplomats, military, businessmen, journalists, academics, students and others among my friends during my many years abroad. That said, when you run into the classic anti-American Brit--OMG!--it becomes very, as noted above, tiresome; you quickly realize that much of it is driven by ignorance and envy.
With the pull quote FTW:
Getting back to Piers, he clearly had a deep streak of anti-Americanism, and a sense of entitlement, but above all, was just not very interesting nor apparently all that smart. 
As they would say in the great Northeast, "Ah-yep."

Now, one might find this announcement surprising. After all, it looked very much like Mr. Morgan was firmly ensconced in his perfect natural habitat as the condescending host of a cable news opinion show on the increasingly provincial, anti-American, not very interesting and apparently not very smart CNN.

A brief conversation between your humble host and the lovely Mrs. Robb sums up the issue:
Me: "Piers Morgan's been cancelled."
She: "From what?"
Me: "His television show."
She: "Didn't know he had one."
Me: "... and there you go."
Fare winds and following seas, Piers.

By which I mean "I hope they put you on a slow boat back to the UK ASAP."

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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