Not Notable?

So, there's apparently an argument going on over at Wikipeda.  Yes, yes, I know - what else is new?  Apparently one of the editors tried to argue that the entry for the webcomic Schlock Mercenary should be deleted, as it was "not notable".

Heh.  Excuse me while I finish wiping some tears of laughter from my eyes.  Howard's published what, something like 14 books now?  Plus a game?  Been nominated for multiple Hugos?  Inspired a trilogy of books from a well-known military SF author?

Yeah.  That's not notable at all.

How much do you want to bet that the jerk who's pushing for this deletion, citing the letter of Wikipedia law, is also quite enthusiastic about the President exercising executive power to do an end run around Congress for any number of issues?

Yeah.  Funny how, in the end, it's always about power and control, isn't it?

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