It's Acronym Day!

Well, OK.  The last isn't anything new, nor is it even meaningful in a day and age where you would have to search long and hard to find a system with as little as eight megabytes of memory.

As a vim user, though, it still tickles my fancy :-)

Speaking of amusing: apparently someone at Organizing For Action, the new progressive "grassroots" organization du jour, dropped the ball.  Badly.  The LA Times reports that all three major variations of their obvious domain names - organizingforaction dot com, dot org, and dot net - are now registered to conservatives.  In the case of organizingforaction.net, the site is already set up to redirect visitors t to the NRA web site.

I'm wondering if any other interesting acronyms might turn up today... perhaps someone could help me come up with one for these overbearing, fumbling amateurs.

Oh, hey!  Lookie there.  That was actually pretty easy.


Borepatch said...

LOL. EMACS is the original bloatware.

Jeremy Brock said...

Maybe they should change it to 'Organizing For Action, Yo.' Which makes a pretty good acronym itself, IMHO.

Aretae said...

escape-meta-alt-control-shift. You have to hold all of them down at once.