Listen To The Big Bear Butt

While I normally follow John Patricelli's blog for his discussion about World of Warcraft, he's got a nice post up today about another nice post (well, really, the nice post) about "gun control".

Mr. Patricelli's not only a former Marine, he's also a freaking character in John Ringo's Troy Rising series.  So, as you can probably imagine, he's got a particular point of view as regards the current "discussion" about gun control.  As with Mr. Correia, though, he does a good job of presenting his point of view matter-of-factly without veering off into the nether regions of emotion.

So, yes.  I highly encourage you to go read his latest post.  If for no other reason than so you can tell folks that you spent some time today reading a post from a big bear butt.

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