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Glanced at briefly, filed away for future reading, and presented here for your edutainment.
  • Larry Correia's gun control interview on Fox News.
  • Via The Smallest Minority, we have a link to David Mamet's op-ed piece on gun control in Newsweek.  Come for the facts and insightful opinions, stay for the YouTube-level commentary from internet mouth breathers.
  • Dire Straits performing "Telegraph Road" live.  Just because.
  • - "Expert news and commentary on intelligence, espionage, spies and spying."  Truly, teh intarwebs are a marvelous place.
  • Borepatch wants to know "What's wrong with this light bulb?"  Aside from the fact that it is both required and prohibited, I mean.
  • China prepares for war.  "Dai Xu, a Chinese Air Force Colonel, is arguing for a short, decisive war with one of China's neighbors--Vietnam, the Philippines, or Japan--in order to establish sovereignty over the Pacific region without risking war with the United States."
  • Gao Zhisheng is still alive, thankfully.  Apparently the Chinese don't feel the need to kill him in order to establish sovereignty.
  • A glimpse into what might be happening in Chinese banks.  Essentially, it's their own subprime mortgage scandal, without all the transparency, expert management and good intentions that the US version had.
  • Photos of pollution in China.  It's not pretty.  Well, I suppose that's just what you get when you're an unrepentantly capitalist nation.

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