When Government Fails...

... as it inevitably does, well.  Then people step up to do what needs to be done.
New Private Navy Ready to Take on Somali Pirates
A new British private navy is soon being plying the Indian Ocean in help of the fight against Somali pirates. 
The UK’s Sunday Times reported yesterday the new navy, founded by companies led by the commodity giant Glencore International Plc (GLEN), will protect its first convoy of oil tankers and bulk carriers from Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean in late March or April, according to the newspapers interview with Glencore Chairman, Simon Murray.
Private navy, private security, private space ventures.

I am sure that there are lots of people who find the idea of a private navy disturbing [1], but have absolutely no problem with their local SWAT team being a private army.  Because shut up, peon.

[1] Completely ignoring the fact that the Somali pirates are effectively a private navy themselves.  Because, you see, when Evil Capitalists form a navy to protect themselves, it's evil.  I mean, it's right there in their name, isn't it?  Evil Capitalists.  The Somalis, on the other hand, are oppressed by the Evil Capitalists, which of course makes them de facto Good Socialists, and thus worthy of defense.  Because anyone who attacks a poor, oppressed Good Socialist must be an Evil Capitalist.  And so the circle is complete, and the Progressive worldview is defended against painful logic once again.

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