Weapons Of Mass Literati Destruction

If you're up for it, lend a hand a help get Larry Correia nominated for a Hugo:
The Hugo awards are the most prestigious thing you can get in sci-fi/fantasy (other than fat royalty checks, obviously). Getting nominated for a Hugo is a great resume builder...
The Hugo is pretty fancy, but basically, like most awards, it is a popularity contest. So who decides? Anybody who attended the last WorldCon (Chicago 2012) or who is a supporting member of the current WorldCon (San Antonio 2013) or next WorldCon (London 2014) can nominate.  But you need to buy your membership by January 31.
Well, sure, Larry - it would be a feather in your cap, sir.  But what's in it for me?

But wait there’s more! See anybody who buys a supporting membership is allowed to vote on all the nominees in every category. In previous years, in order to have informed voters, they’ve sent out the “Hugo Voter’s Packet” which includes eBooks of every nominees’ stuff. This isn’t just best novel, but all the Campbell nominees’ books, all the short stories, novellas, novelettes, all of the supporting works, comic books, graphic novels, supporting works, and pretty much all of that. Heck, I got Schlock Mercenary stuff last time!  Basically, you get more money worth of reading material than the cost of your supporting membership, plus exploding literati heads!
Well, now...  keep going there, young'un [1], you've got my attention...
So for $60 you can stick it to the man, and the next time one of your coworkers looks over your shoulder to see what you’re reading, and they’re all like “I’m a douchebag that only reads what English professors or Oprah’s book club say is profound. That’s stupid and has guns and is stupid in your stupid face.” And then you can say, “But it got nominated for a Hugo.” And then they will EXPLODE!** 
** Disclaimer, annoying coworkers may not literally explode.

Yes, that's part of the article. Seriously, though - I didn't realize that a $60 supporting membership could come along with ebook copies of *all* the nominated titles. That's an awful lot of potential reading, and may be well worth it.

Plus, y'know, exploding literati.  It's a heck of a twofer!

[1] Serious, Larry?  1977?  You're barely older than my youngest brother, ya whippersnapper!  Good grief.  Thanks for making me feel even older than I am already.  Of course, that has zero impact on my inclination to pick up a copy of everything with your name on the cover, so really, I'm just practicing my old man grumping, here.  Now get off my dang lawn!

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