Paging Mr. Kafka

The Paradox That Prevents Courts from Enforcing the Constitution
A federal judge says that contradictory laws permit Obama 'to proclaim as perfectly lawful' actions that seem unconstitutional 'on their face.'
In her courtroom, The New York Times argued that the Obama Administration should be forced to release the legal justification it relies on when it engages in secret, extrajudicial killings...
So far, President Obama has refused to release that legal reasoning, as prepared by the Office of Legal Counsel. He is effectively denying us the ability to know what laws we live under, and stifling an informed debate about whether the powers he is exercising are in fact proper.
You know, the federal government isn't just running a fiscal deficit; it's got a real problem with a trust deficit as well.

You asked for it, you got it.  Enjoy your police state, folks.

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