That's All You Have?

Jenny has some words for you, You Selfish SWPL Monster

What kind of despicable, loathsome creature puts their own selfish desire to get buzzed first while things like this happen? That doesn't even count all the other lives ruined by alcohol - the addicted derelicts on city streets, the raped college girls, birth defects, the... 
What do you mean "all that's not my fault?" 
You're a good person? That's what I'm supposed to believe? That's all you have?  
Let's say I actually believe you've never driven drunk. Let's assume you're not that kind of lush who just can't wait to open that bottle when you get home every night. 
Heck - let's say I'm actually kind of sorry for you, victim of the glossy distillery lobby and all that. You're still the one creating the market. You're the one making it possible. You're the monster here. 
Still - after that last pile-up on the freeway, I'm sorry. The world has changed. Enough. It's time to shape up.
Seriously, RTWT.

Of course, you realize the flaw here.  As an idiot leftist friend kindly pointed out to me, it's just not the same thing!  Alcohol doesn't just walk into a school and start killing people! [1]

Ah-yep.  That there's the mindset, in a nutshell.  What I want is perfectly reasonable, what you want makes you a monster.  Because shut up, peon.

Then pass me the bottle, will ya?

[1] She was right.  It doesn't.  It gets brought in by students, by teachers, by the staff, by the media... pretty much every day, day in, day out.  You think kids in school haven't formed an opinion on alcohol, one way or another, by the time they're old enough to understand what it is?  Then you're a fool.  I see people who have had their lives ripped apart by alcohol every week.  It destroys more lives, more families, and kills more children in year than guns ever have or ever will.  Anyone who thinks gun control is more important than alcohol control in schools is either a mindless jerk or a manipulative psychopath.

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