W-2, Taxes, N'at

Just got my W-2 for 2012.  My effective tax rate (federal, state, local, FICA, et al.) ended up being about 18%.  That rate is before adding in a couple of other variables (mortgage deduction, etc.) that generally end up lowering my effective tax rate to 15% or thereabouts.

So.  Progressives - tell me one more time how I am a right-wing nutjob and a money-grubbing capitalist oppressor for arguing that the United States should get rid of the current tax code, including loopholes, and move to a flax tax rate of 20%?

Let me say it again, so that you can understand.

I am willing to pay more in taxes if you would just make the process simpler and fairer.


Quinn's First Law in action again.

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