Yeah, That Makes Sense

A female middle school teacher apparently sync'd her school-supplied iPad with her own account, and as demanded by the laws of narrative causality, hilarity ensued:
Well, here’s an embarrassing tech story out of Anderson, Indiana. A middle school teacher inadvertently gave her students a sex ed lesson when they discovered a racy photo of her on their school-issued iPad... 
That is, if you define "hilarity" as "school administrators punishing the innocent":
But worst of all, the students are being punished for the teacher’s mistake:
Those students have been suspended and threatened with expulsion. 
The school district said it has taken action against the teacher, but they wouldn’t specify what action, only that she is still a member of the school staff. 
The teacher made a mistake... and the administration decides to punish her students instead of her.


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Matt said...

Well...the STUDENTS don't have a union. So instead of punishing the person who's responsible, they punish who they can get away with punishing.