Obama's In Trouble

... and the left knows it.  Which is why they're already lining up their excuses.

Remember, folks.  If you don't vote for Obama, it's obviously because you're a deceitful racist.

Because nobody anywhere could [0] ever [1] think [2] that [3] Obama [4] was [5] doing [6] a less [7] than [8] stellar [9] job [10].

[0] Drone kill lists.
[1] Fast and Furious.
[2] Benghazi security failures.
[3] Lies about Benghazi.
[4] Solyndra.
[5] Labor force participation.
[6] Underpaid female staffers.
[7] Israel.
[8] Obamacare abortion mandates.
[9] Violating federal law for political gain.
[10] Congress?  Who needs 'em?
[11] Oh, and the GM bailout.  And... how many more failed "green" investments? And Honduras (remember that?) And shutting down oil production in the Gulf.  And obstacles to drilling for oil and gas under public land leases.  And the Russian "reset switch".  And killing the Keystone Pipeline.  And attacking natural gas production.  And promises of "more flexibility" after the election.  And you have to pass the bill to see what's in the bill.  And ignoring the Iranian uprising in 2009.  And military involvement in in Libya (sometimes).  And using a small time con artist and film-maker as a political scapegoat.  And... well.  I'm sure you get the idea.

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