Quote of the Day

From bagoh20 over at Althouse, reproduced here in it's entirety because... well, because it's awesome:
If a Republican was in office the last four years would we even need an election. Biden could win if that was the case. Just imagine that for a minute, with all the media stories about the unemployed suffering families, the homeless, all the people on food stamp. Oh my God, what about that deficit, and no budget for 3 years. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the 2000 dead mark in Afghanistan. "Where is the President's plan?" would be asked every day, every time he popped up his head. Keyboards would be burning up all through the MSM. It would be humming like a bee hive 24/7, digging into stories, looking for answers. Just think about that for a second. 
But what do we get now? Binders. An endless studied exploration of each word spoken that could mean something it didn't. Little exploration of what's being done, or even what the words are saying, but just a sophomoric intense masturbation over single words themselves and how they can be twisted. The whole political world has been reduced to an endless scrabble game argument.
"But what do we get now?  Binders."

And Big Bird.

And Birth Control.

The Democrats just can't seem to get past the letter "B", can they?

Maybe because if they do, they'll be into words like...




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