In A Nutshell

A friend on Facebook wraps it all up pretty neatly, as far as I'm concerned:
I have to say, I can't wait for this to be over either. 
I'm dog tired of having aspersions cast upon my intelligence by the party of 'tolerance'. 
I'm tired of insults and hate hurled at me by the people of the party of 'peace'. 
I'm sick of being told that I hate working people by those in 'the pro-working-class' party - and they don't bother to learn that my ideology changed in the days that I was rolling change to make rent and trading grocery money to pay bills. 
Maybe my answer as to why that happened at that particular time in my life, might garner interesting discussion or debate. 
Maybe the person accusing me might actually learn that I had good reason behind my ideological conversion, but they'd rather lay blanket insults upon me. 
I try not to pay attention to politics at all anymore, and I don't steamroll people with my politics, anymore. 
I just am looking forward to seeing the deep, personal insults - regarding personal appearance, intelligence (or lack therein), heart for people (or lack therein) - disappear. 
Rotten, mean posts put up by friends and acquaintances from the far left are starting to get under my skin. 
I do not want to hear about 'tolerance, love, charity and unity' in America - from people who are perfectly okay laying blanket and intentionally cutting insults geared at their own friends. 
The fact is, I do not see the level of base insult and bald disregard from people on my friend list whom I know to be on the political right (to varying degrees). 
No! I see the insults and get my cars keyed by the people who stand for "tolerance". 

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