This past weekend, I attended poll worker training.  Yeah, once again, I'm going to be the judge of elections in our district. [1]  Woo-hoo!  A grueling day dealing with the public, with the possibility of huge fines and/or jail time if I screw something up!

I really can't understand why more people don't want to help out at the polls.

Anyways, thanks to a scheduling conflict, I ended up attending a training session in another district a few miles away.  Now, as I've commented before, western PA politics is pretty much Democratic Party politics.  The really important local races are the Democratic primaries.  This particular district I was in for training is as blue collar, middle class, and solidly Democratic as they come.

Which is why I was very much surprised that the most popular questions during the Q&A following the training were some variant of "Um... say a voter wants to vote straight party ticket, but change just one of their votes to... someone else.  How does that work?"


Just as icing on the cake, on the way home, I counted yard signs.  Romney/Ryan 7, Obama 0. Come to think of it... I haven't seen more than 2-3 Obama signs at all in the past month.

Is Pennsylvania as a whole in play?  Maybe.  If the Democratic GOTV drives can convince enough people in Philly and environs to wander into the polling places on November 6th.

I'm starting to think anything west of Gettysburg is a lost cause for Obama, though.

Which gives me some hope.

[1] Appointed, not elected - our last judge recently passed away.  She had asked me to fill in for her once before, which left me where I am today.

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