Five Years?

Today is the five year anniversary of the Embedded Theologian.

Holy cow, time does fly.

The very first post was "It's an embedded kind of day", where I talked about LLVM and TinyCC.

Since then, I have changed my political registration from Republican to Libertarian.   I have gone from teaching teenagers to teaching 1st-2nd grade boys in Sunday school.  I was part of a team that built a storage system that was the world's fastest for about nine months.  We adopted two new dogs, and three new cats.  I have learned what it really means to be the father of a teenage girl.  I've continued to love an amazing and incredible woman, our three girls, my ministries and my Lord.

Not a bad run.

I have also managed to churn out another 720 more blog posts, which in turn have garnered over 18,600 page views. Potential investors: I would like to point out that I was able to reach this milestone without spending a single dime, which puts me well ahead of where was at any point during their brief existence.  If you are interested in investment opportunities, I am willing to entertain any offer that involves large denomination unmarked bills stuffed into a paper bag.


Speaking of meaningless blather, over the past years, my top five categories have been:
Politics?  The #1 topic?  Quelle surprise.  Meanwhile, the top five stories:
Hmm.  All of them in the past few months.  Trending upwards, as they say!  Either that, or people are just getting far less discriminating in their blog reading.

I'll stick with "trending upwards", thank you.

Of course, that positive incline may have less to do with my amazing writing, and slightly more to do with the fact that I've managed to attract attention from Borepatch a couple of times.  It turns out that his blog, one way or another, makes up seven of my top ten referrers.  Oh, and one of my top posts, really, was just some additional comments about an excellent bit of venting that Jenny did over at Cradle of Liberty...

I'm reminded of a quote that includes words like shoulders, giants, and so on.

What does the next five years hold?  We [1] have established the following humble goals:
  • Total world domination, of course.  Well, not permanently... that would be tacky.  If the Gormogons are amenable, though, I would be quite delighted to rule the world with an iron fist (in their name, of course) between 3:03 AM and 3:05 AM on February 26th, 2013.
  • Shave my head and attempt to pass myself off as Howard Tayler's long-lost, talent-impared and slightly less handsome twin.
  • Bring together Mr. Larry Correia with my good friend Jon, so that we can either (a) go target shooting, or (b) sit down and enjoy some pen-and-paper RPG fun.  Or both.
  • Pursue whatever circumstances would allow me to go all fan-boy SQUEEE! in the presence of one or more of the following: the insightful (and inciteful) Sarah Hoyt, the preternaturally eloquent Michael J. Flynn, and the previously mentioned, inimitable Borepatch.
  • Oh, yeah.  I guess I will be posting more stuff on the blog, too.  Demographic trends seem to indicate that I will only get snarkier as time goes by.  So, let's say... I'll be shooting for 2000 posts by February 12th, 2018.  If I can manage another five years without being hauled off to some sort of re-education camp, that is.
Here's to five more years.

[1] Yes, we are using the royal "we".  It helps put us in the right mood for setting goals, don'cha know.

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