How a Man Handles a Miscarriage

An excellent article from The Art of Manliness.
And a man finds himself in a unique spot. He’s often the silent sufferer, the one called upon to support and encourage and comfort. Yet inside he’s as equally torn up as his spouse or girlfriend, as unsure of what to do next, as grief-filled, discouraged, and aching.
No kidding.

I am pretty sure that I have mentioned before that all three of my daughters were adopted.  Dealing with infertility was not in the same ballpark as dealing with a miscarriage... but it was certainly within the same city limits.

Recommendation #1?  Best advice ever.  You grieve.  I managed that in a fairly, um, non-conventional way. What worked for me might not work for you.  Whatever way works, though - you have to grieve.  You can only be strong for so long before you start to crumble.

I will neither conform nor deny crying at the end of the article.  I will say that it's awfully dusty in here.

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