Linux Tycoon!

Not Linus.  Linux Tycoon is a Linux Distro Building Simulator.

No, really.  See?  
Linux Tycoon is the premier Linux Distro Building Simulator game in the universe. 
(Truth be told: It's probably the only Linux Distro Building Simulation game in the universe.)
Now, keep in mind that I used to build Linux distros for a living.  Even with that factoid, I think that it says something about me that I thought this was both hilarious and intriguing... and I am afraid that that "something" is rather disturbing.  It takes a special type of person to immediately wonder if you get to decide what binary package format your distro will use, and how that will affect the game.


Lacking that particular disturbing "something", you might ask yourself, "Self, what exactly goes on in a Linux Distro Building Simulation game?"  To which the reasonable reply would be, "Self, why don't you quit bothering me about it and just read the rest of the web page?"

Let us do just that!
So what exactly do you do in a Linux Distro Building game? 
So glad you asked! Here's some examples of the thrilling challenges you'll find in Linux Tycoon: 
1. Analyzing and selecting software packages.
2. Fixing Bugs.
3. Managing volunteers and paid staff.
4. Keeping the total size (in MB) of your Distro at a reasonable level.
5. And so much more!
For Windows, Macs and - but of course! - Linux itself.

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