Well, Of Course They Would Deny It

Oh, sure.  They let the emergency broadcast slip out, and now they have to pretend it was some sort of "hacker" who was playing a "prank".  What do you mean, who are "they"?  THEM!  Duh!

I suppose that the CDC's "Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocoplypse" post is just a "prank" too, eh? And that it's just pure coincidence that Shamus Young, world renowned zombie survival expert, has just finished up detailing his four part zombie survival plan?


Look at the signs, man!  We are headed for a disaster of biblical proportions.  Real wrath of God type stuff.

The pope resigned and lightning struck St. Peter's Basilica!

There are spiders raining from the sky in Brazil!

Human sacrifice!  Dogs and cats, living together!

You want me, I'll be sitting up tonight with a halogen spotlight and a shotgun.

Just keeping an eye out for... raccoons, you know.

Shambling, undead raccoons of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

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