Random Snippets, "Gun Control" Edition

You've probably already read Michael Z. Williamson's rant about liberals and gun control.  If you haven't, it's definitely worth a few minutes, as he explains how liberals have finally managed to push him to the point where he had to decide what was more important, his freedom or being one of the Right Thinking people.  The whole gun issue was apparently the final straw, because he ends his post saying:
So much for liberal tolerance... 
This is the end of my support for any liberal cause, because liberals have become anything but. 
Every cloud has a silver lining.  Yes, we're fighting the gun control fight, again.  If it drives people like Mr. Williamson away from the idiocy of progressive liberalism, then at least some good has come of the situation.

Bob Owens answers the "muskets" defense of gun control.  You know - the one that liberals like to throw up that says, "The Founding Fathers couldn't have imagined the deadly weapons that are available now."  Oh, really?
Yes, during the course of our founding war, the men who fought and eventually won it saw the creation and battlefield use of a firearm that more than doubled the rate of fire, almost a decade before they wrote the Second Amendment. Let us make it crystal clear; they were aware that technology existed that could double the rate of fire of a rifle. They’d already seen it happen, right in front of their eyes... 
The civilians of the Founder’s generation owned daggers, swords, tomahawks, “pepperbox” revolvers, pistols, rifles, muskets, fowling pieces, blunderbusses, hand grenades, swivel guns, cannon, howitzers, mortars and “every other terrible implement of war” that could be owned by a soldier.  The middle class of the day often bore arms (when they so desired them) superior in every way to the “lowest bidder” guns issued to conscript and recruits of the professional armies of the day.

RTWT.  He makes an excellent argument, and the historical data he provides is fascinating.

Should the worst come to pass, the Smallest Minority offers up some commentary on what we could expect if gun confiscation happens.  Hint: you can expect the same careful attention to detail and efficiency that you see at work in all government institutions:
If gun confiscation happens, it won't be a shoot out. You'll get 3 letters of advance notice filled with dire threats. Then a final warning (which will arrive a week late), and two late notices, full of threats... So you drive to the location to find out it was misprinted on the form. You call and google, and find the right place. You'll go through a humiliating pat-down for knives and drugs, but they won't take the gun or ammo you have in your hands - that's somebody else's job; wait in line. You'll wait in line all day long, to be turned away.

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