We Haz A Smart

According to data on the 100 most populous cities in the U.S., Pittsburgh is the brainiest of the bunch. 
Henry Ford once said that failure is simply the opportunity to begin again — this time more intelligently. That observation seems particularly relevant to Pittsburgh’s remarkable post-industrial transformation. For decades after the steel industry’s collapse, Pittsburgh was the butt of jokes (heck, even the rebooted “Arrested Development” hit the ’Burgh with a low blow recently).

While the rest of the world slept on our city, we rebuilt — this time more intelligently.
Of course, Washington, D.C. came in third, so there's some obvious flaws in their methodology.  However, they can't be completely off base...
You may also find it relevant that Baltimore was 38th on the list. Cleveland? 47th.
Oh, trust me - we do.  We definitely do.

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