The Modern-Day Diana

When Margaret LeJeune set out to photograph female hunters, she knew she wanted to avoid stereotypes and show the women as individuals... 
The idea for her series, “The Modern-Day Diana” (a nod to the Roman goddess of the hunt), came about in 2007, while LeJeune was teaching a photography course at Lyon College in Arkansas. She had assigned her students to shoot a self-portrait—and of the 11 students in her class, seven came back with photos of themselves hunting.

LeJeune, who grew up in upstate New York, says she had never been submerged in a hunting culture before. But when she discovered how important it was to so many of her students, she decided she wanted to find a way to connect with them and their culture. To that end, LeJeune asked a few of her students if she could take their photos.  
It's a nice little article, with some beautiful photographs.  Kudos to Ms. LeJeune for being willing to step out of her comfort zone and into a different sphere.  I think this is an example of what  Bitter over at Shall Not Be Questioned calls winning the culture.

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