Techno Snark

We get it, Joe Citizen. You want your privacy. You want to be able to talk on the internet without everyone and their mother at the InsertAlphabetAgencyHere looking at it... 
You just want to be able to chat with friends, conduct your financial business, and argue with your spouse without Big Daddy Gummint all up in your biz. Believe it or not, that’s your right. Harry “Who Cares” Reid may blow it off and say the government’s been “doing that stuff for years,” but we’ve got a news flash for Harry: just because you’ve been doing it a while doesn’t make it any more okay. Ask Ted Bundy… oh, wait.
Various pointers to privacy options for email, IM, and web browsing.  I'm not going to vouch for any particular tool in any of those use cases, though.  I just thought the "Ask Ted Bundy" line was too good to pass up.

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