It's Time For The JAY CARNEY SHOW!

Yahoo News has run the numbers, and determined that out of 444 press briefings, Jay Carney has avoided answering questions 9,486 times.  Note that these are just times when he obviously avoided a question; it doesn't count the number of times a reporter asked a question, and Mr. Carney responded by reciting a talking point or answering an entirely different question entirely.

If a typical press briefing runs about 50 minutes, and has about 50 distinct questions (not counting repeated questions, follow ups, etc.), that means that Jay has answered just slightly over 22,000 questions since he became the White House press secretary.

That puts his "evasion" rate at just over 40%.

Let's be generous, and give him the benefit of the doubt.  Let's say that over half of those deflections were done in good faith; Mr. Carney honestly didn't know the answer, or honestly thought that someone else could better answer the question.

That still means that, even with the majority of the mainstream media all but ignoring Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS political targeting, etc. and lobbing softball questions at Mr. Carney, he avoided answering one question out of five.

Most transparent administration in history?  Well, yeah.  They're transparent, all right.

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