Dangerous Complexity

A "glitch" in an emissions control system forced a D.C. ambulance to shut down. 

Which would generally be a non-story, except that they were transporting a gunshot victim to the hospital at the time.
A malfunction in a fail-safe system designed to assure compliance with federally mandated diesel emissions standards forced a D.C. ambulance to shut down on Interstate 295 while its crew transported a gravely injured gunshot victim Wednesday.
The issue is currently under investigation.  They're not sure if it was user error, a failure to deliver early alerts about the state of the engine, or something else entirely that caused the shutdown.

Whatever the final determination is... I would suggest that allowing any automated system to force the shutdown of an emergency vehicle or system is a Bad Idea (TM).  When you get right down to it, this is precisely why smart guns, aren't.

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Jason said...

Depends on your definition of smart. If smart is a step towards disarmed and under state control, then it is a good idea. If your definition of smart includes performing it's intended function reliably, then that is a "Bad Idea"