The Extraordinary League of Young Gentlemen

From the Leader-Telegram, a story about young men who aspire to become young gentlemen:
From dining etiquette to fencing, from stocks to culture, from swing dance to tying ties, a burgeoning club of Eau Claire Memorial students has expanded its studies beyond reading, writing and arithmetic to the finer points of being a gentlemen.

Founded last school year, Memorial's The League of Aspiring Gentlemen is a unique student club that has grown to about 50 members — of which 40 are current high school students and 10 are seniors from last year.

The league's members meet most Wednesdays after class in the school's jazz band room dressed in their best attire to study the habits of gentlemen, said club founder Alec Baca.
How... extraordinary.
The name of the club is important, Baca said, noting members are "aspiring" gentlemen. At no one point do members graduate to a level of gentlemen, but rather always remain aspiring. To declare oneself a gentlemen would be rather ungentlemanly, Baca said.
Hat tip to Ann Althouse for the link. 

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