F--. Would Not Dine Again.

Why is it that restaurant reviewers are so wonderfully snarky?  Do they screen for that when they hire, or something?  In any case, Tom Sietsema tells us to Just say ‘No, grazie’ to La Tagliatella:
The chain has plans for U.S. expansion, but here’s hoping diners are smarter than that.
La Tagliatella in Arlington makes a strong case for hazard pay for restaurant critics. The Italian concept, an unfortunate import from Europe that plays up 400 combinations of pasta and sauce, is so distasteful on so many different levels, I was tempted to dismiss it after just one visit. I changed my mind when I considered its prime corner real estate in Clarendon and the Poland-based chain’s intention to expand elsewhere in the United States.
Someone needs to put a stop to this threat to our nation.
tl;dr - he gives them 1/2 star out of five, and compares them - unfavorably - to Olive Garden.

That's gotta smart.

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