Tugging On The Mask

Glenn Greenwald - like the majority of Americans - has some issues with the mainstream media:
But it is true that the Guardian generally, and me in particular, are outsiders, not members of the Beltway establishment media clique. I’ve purposely made myself an outsider by very aggressively and harshly criticizing not just the culture itself but the most prominent members of it, including David Gregory and Andrew Ross Sorkin, who this morning suggested on CNBC that I be arrested.*
And yes, Sorkin did suggest that Greenwald was aiding Snowden, and that he should be arrested for it. He's trying desperately to walk back that statement, but it was a pretty blatant accusation.
Some of what is driving this hostility from some media figures is personal bitterness. Some of it is resentment over my having been able to break these big stories not despite, but because of, my deliberate breaching of the conventions that rule their world.

But most of it is what I have long criticized them for most: they are far more servants to political power than adversarial watchdogs over it, and what provokes their rage most is not corruption on the part of those in power (they don’t care about that) but rather those who expose that corruption, especially when the ones bringing transparency are outside of, even hostile to, their incestuous media circles.
Sometimes, the media lets their mask slip, and you catch a glimpse of the evil that lurk behind it.  In this case, Greenwald took hold of the mask and gave it a good hard yank, and what's exposed is not at all attractive.

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