Ye Too Canne Be A Hero In Sixe Eafy Leffons!

Christopher Taylor talks about samurai vs. knight, and how the outcome of matchup is not as clear-cut as you might think... because your thinking is probably wrong:
If you have heard any geek or teenage boy discussion of blades, you probably have heard (or participated) in a debate over which would be the more dangerous warrior: The romantic European knight or the stylish Japanese Samurai? Europeans usually are declared the loser because they're supposedly slower and more clumsy and their swords aren't as good, etc. 
Except research is starting to show that almost all our understanding of medieval European knights is in error. We know their behavior wasn't as courteous and chivalrous as the more romanticized tales of King Arthur would have you believe, but what's changing is the understanding of basic elements of medieval warfare.

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