Via Sarah Hoyt, Bill Reader comments on the strange phenomenon of progressives pickling their leaders:
Well, see, communists can’t stand for things to change or be unpredictable.  You’re not supposed to decay and disappear.  It’s funny because they talk about wanting change, and they talk about being progressive, but really all they want is to return to a time when the world made sense to them – which is the thirties – and when people could be sorted into the classical Marxist classes.  In the same way, people are supposed to stay in the class they were born to.  They’re supposed to act in perfectly predictable ways according to that class.  No one is supposed to change, and tech is not supposed to upend all their categories.  Communism (and its weaker sister, socialism) is a form of OCD.  They want everything separate and put away neatly in categories, even when the “things” are people.  And dear Leaders are supposed to be the same forever.
A very succinct and honest explanation, I think.

Progressives are only "progressive" if you happen to think that an "advance to the rear" is somehow  entirely different from a "retreat".

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