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Glanced at briefly, filed away for future reading, and presented here for your edutainment.
  • Obama likes The Universal Solution to all problems: take something away from you. "Thing I Know #410. When the guy telling you what to do keeps coming up with the same solution for every single problem, that’s a problem."
  • How To Green The World's Deserts.  Hint: it isn't the way you think.  It is also entirely different from how to green the world's desserts, by the way.
  • "Bring out your dead!"...  middle class.  Tyrants have always hated those not dependent on them.
  • "I can’t do that, so I don’t want you doing that either..." - that seems to be the rallying cry of the progressives. Witness that clown, wosshisname, Bloomberg... he's getting older, like all the Boomers.  Can't have salt, can't have sugar, can't have trans-fats anymore.  So by golly, if he can't have them, then you can't, either, peon.
  • Well, whaddya know!  Gun laws do nothing to prevent homicides.  Quelle surprise!  What next - a study that shows tax laws do not affect those who ignore tax laws?
  • Tam hasn't posted on Hugo Chavez because, and I quote, "His death made me sad and depressed."  After reading her post, I have to admit that I, too, am saddened and depressed by the circumstances of Hugo's death.
  • Rope.  Large lengths of it.
  • Peelian Principles.  Should make for an interesting topic of conversation for the next time I run into one of our local police officers.
  • An interesting account regarding the domestication of dogs and foxes.
  • An interesting account regarding the domestication of free men.  Oh, wait  -  no, that's the closing of the liberal mind.  Same thing, really.
  • OK, I am just going to stop posting links to Sarah Hoyt, because I just do not have enough time or electrons to link everything interesting she comes up with.  The woman spins off ideas - good, interesting ideas -  faster than Obama tosses former supporters under the bus.  Just, y'know, read her blog, and you'll be covered.
  • Note for the Times, and other pollsters: you are not measuring reality, you are measuring what people say.  So, for example, when the Times conducts a poll and finds that fewer people admit to owning guns, that does not necessarily mean that fewer people own a gun... it just means that fewer people are willing to tell you whether or not they own a gun.

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