Some Quotes

Posting has been very light lately, as work and home have conspired to keep me hopping.  I have come across several good quotes in my brief stints of wading through the intarwebs, however...
Technology won’t solve all problems but proper application of technology will reduce many problems to soluble multiple problems.

... cheap energy solves most problems; and if your philosophy is one of distribution of resources, then it helps to have a large pie to distribute.

... the law isn’t able to prevent all bad things from happening. It can only try to punish the perpetrator after the fact, and that doesn’t mend a broken life or repair a deep trauma.

Then we start doing mash-ups and before too long, you're celebrating Canada Day by eating bratwurst tacos in a pita-bread shell at a faux-English pub in Nebraska.  You want culture?  We're a heated cabinet fulla Petrie dishes and they're all kinda porous!
If you catch up to society as it’s pushing leftward and say “Hey guys, I think we should go leftward even faster! Two times faster! No, fifty times faster!”, society will call you a bold revolutionary iconoclast and give you a professorship.
Oh, one final thing.  We've apparently got mandarins, now, as well as praetorians.  Both of which would very much like us peons to just stay in our assigned roles.  Which is kind of bogus, since what we really need are more free men and women.  We're not going to get off of this mud ball if the primary output of our society are "leaders" who get all starry eyed about the failed social models of long-gone empires.

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