Farewell to IFTTT

I have been using IFTTT now for about a year to automate posting links from Facebook to the blog.

Up until today, I would have said it was a success... but.

I really hate the fact that I can't create a draft post. As a result, I always end up with two posts on each subject:
  1. The initial IFTTT story, created with an automated title.
  2. The edited story, with a witty title and awe-inspiring snark added.
I thought that was a somewhat clunky mechanism, but hey... free is free.  I was willing to do a little extra work to make it all flow.

What I have just realized, though, it that if I am not very, very, very quick about catching story #1 after IFTTT posts it, then it makes its way into the blog's RSS feed and ends up getting picked up by feed readers.  Which leads to problems (i.e., a 404 page) when I do get around to reverting the story to a draft in blogger.  I do that to give me a chance (ideally) to edit the contents and republish under a different, more human-friendly title as story #2.


Again - I have been doing this for almost a year.  My initial tests seemed to indicate that the IFTTT post --> revert to draft --> re-publish cycle would work for me, and I haven't checked up on it until today.  I don't know if my initial tests were wrong in some way, or if there was a change in Blogger or IFTTT, or what.  The short of it is that it isn't working the way I really want it to work, so I'm going to have to switch back to posting by hand, just like in the bad old days.

Sigh.  Just me, and multiple incompatible distributed information sharing systems with integrated WYSIWG editors and a global reach.

It's stone knives and bearskins as far as the eye can see, I tell ya.


Sophia said...

Looks like this issue still exists, but the workaround I'm using is to have it send an email to my special Blogger address (Settings => Email and mobile), where I have it set to make a draft post.

Samrobb said...

Oh, my - Sophia, thank you! I hadn't realized this was an option. (And with the fire, I lost the email address post notifications were going to... so I just came across your comment by accident. W00t!)

Trying it out now!