Ignoring Elephants, Skill Level: Epic

Grayson, of course, was one of the first members of Congress to speak out forcefully about the NSA surveillance program and why he found it to be unconstitutional... 
Think about that for a second. Here were documents that were published in major newspapers, discussing issues of key importance for Congress -- and a member of Congress is actually being threatened with sanctions for daring to send this front page news around to other colleagues in order to have a discussion about the NSA's actions. At this point, it would appear that the House Intelligence Committee isn't just failing at its job of handling oversight for the intelligence agencies, but it's now actively obstructing the rest of Congress from living up to their oath as Congressional Representatives to protect the Constitution.
Well, let's be honest.  This is entirely in keeping with the current administration's modus operandi.

The IRS targeting of conservative groups?  We don't talk about that.

Four dead in Bengahzi?  We don't talk about that.

The government running guns to Mexican drug cartels?  We don't talk about that.

Secret courts and drone strikes?  We don't talk about that.

Democratic mayor moonlighting as a serial groper?  We don't talk about that.

Detroit dead after half a century of progressive policies?  We don't talk about that.

Al Qaeda is still an active threat?  We don't talk about that.

The nightmare of Arab Spring turning into a Islamist Summer?  We don't talk about that.

Widespread opposition to Obamacare?  We don't talk about that.

Ongoing conversion of full-time to part-time jobs?  We don't talk about that.

More and more college graduates failing to find jobs?  We don't talk about that.

Unemployment up?  We don't talk about that.

Economy down?  We don't talk about that.

Prosecution of whistleblowers?  We don't talk about that.

The government encouraging employees to rat out one another?  We don't talk about that.

The increasing evidence that we live in a surveillance state?  We don't talk about that.

Most transparent administration?  Yeah... we don't talk about that.

Apparently, the only thing this administration is willing to talk about - repeatedly, at length, and exhaustively - is how awesome they are.

Oh, and how everything is still Bush's fault.  Somehow, I don't think that one will ever be off the table.

Edit: within seconds of posting this, I encountered this wonderful little quote via Jerry Pournelle:
“Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.”
– President Barrack Obama, January 23, 2009
I'd laugh if I weren't already crying.

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