There's Just Not Enough Rope To Do Him Justice

Fernandez, along with Army veteran Gerri Tindley, joins 11 other women who have publicly accused Filner, 70, of making unwanted advances, from groping to verbal passes.
They are also among at least eight female veterans and members of the National Women's Veterans Association of America (NWVAA) in San Diego who have made accusations against the mayor. Almost all of the women were victims of sexual assault while they were in the military.
Ah, good ol' Bob. He didn't just cross the line... he strapped on a JATO and rocketed across it.

CNN somehow failed to mention Bob's party affiliation.  Democrat, just in case you were wondering.  I am sure that this was a mere oversight, of course.

I'm sure he has a great record of advocating for women's issues, though.  I mean, after all - it's not like he had binders full of women or anything disgusting and reprehensible like that.

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