Channeling Bocephus

As a someone who grew up listening to country music (among other things), I appreciated coming across Nobody Sasses a Girl in Glasses.  The GiG spends a bit of time discussing and defending country music:
About a year ago, a friend from college forwarded me this rather long chain of overwrought analyses of country music by people who once heard a country song on the radio and thought, now here's something to politically over-analyze... 
All these people - sorry, I obviously mean folks - agree that country music is really parochial and stodgy, and so perhaps represents the psychology of conservatives, who we know are parochial and stodgy and also country music fans.
I think she absolutely captures and distills the spirit of country music here:
Country music has in fact heard of and experienced Manhattan and corporate finance and divorce and the importance of whole grains in a healthy diet, and it is not impressed or convinced that these things supersede its own narratives.
Ah-yep.  RTWT, if you have the time.  She has a lot more to say on the subject, and she says it well... though maybe not as succinctly as Hank managed.

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