It's For The CHILDREN!

CALDWELL, Idaho (AP) — A kindergarten teacher locked a 5-year-old boy in a small, dark room alone at the end of a school day then forgot the child there for over an hour, according to a southwestern Idaho father.

School officials said Friday they were investigating after hearing from James Cagle, who says that when his wife found their son the boy was crying and had urinated on himself... 

"I know that if I locked my child in a room long enough for him to urinate on himself, I'd be going to jail or child protective services would dang sure be here taking him out of my house that night," Cagle said.
The response from the school?

The teacher "should not have done that," said District Superintendent Tim Rosandick. 
"That's not a preferred practice," Rosandick added. "That is not what we would have wanted her to do."

Oh, well then.  Mistakes were made.  I mean, we're not going to let a little kidnapping and child abuse in school affect the oh-so-important career of a teacher, are we?  After all... she cares for the children, people.  For the children.


Bring enough for the teacher, the principal, the superintendant and anyone else that defends or excuses this child abuser.

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