"Look - up in the sky!"

It's a bird!  It's a plane!  No... it's... the Virus Copter?
At the latest San Francisco Drone Olympics (now called DroneGames, thanks, no doubt, to awful bullying from the organized crime syndicate known as the International Olympic Committee), there were many fascinating entries, but the champion was James "substack" Halliday's Virus-Copter... which made wireless contact with its competitors, infected them with viruses that put them under its control, sent them off to infect the rest of the cohort, and then caused them to "run amok."
Drones, network security, and a gratuitous snark at the IOC. It's a trifecta of win!

Of course, this isn't really an issue.  I mean, no one could ever take control of US military drones remotely.  There is absolutely no risk involved, Citizen.

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