"Capitalism's" Failure? Really?

"How Corruption Is Strangling U.S. Innovation".. details how many legacy companies use questionable regulations to hinder disruptive upstarts who are challenging their businesses via unique and innovative means... 
It is corruption, but it's done through this regulatory framework to make it look, sound and (in some cases) feel perfectly legit to many people, making it much easier to keep those regulations in place. The corruption is "cleaned" of its dirty connotations... It is corruption, but the truly nefarious part is that the corruption is done in such a way that there is plausible deniability over whether or not it is truly corrupt.
Posted this to Facebook earlier today.  Can't wait for the inevitable "Oh, those evil corporations, misusing our poor, innocent widdle government that way!" comments from the bleachers.  Meanwhile,  government regulation hikes up her skirts, puts on some fresh lipstick and heads out to troll the streets and see what corporation she can whore herself out to today.

Poor little government, indeed.

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