Linked List : Political Incorrectness Edition

The judge who ordered Major Nidal Hasan to shave his beard has been taken off the Fort Hood shooting case.  Let's just transfer the twelve Amish beard-shaving culprits to the same prison that Major Hasan is currently infesting.  Problem solved!

There's apparently some question as to whether or not Hillary Clinton's top aid,  Huma Abedin, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank opines that "It’s hard to escape the suspicion that it has something to do with the way she looks and how she worships."  Hey, Dana?  I'm a white, Christian male.  I am continually judged by idiots like you based entirely on how I look and how I worship.  As Dogbert said, "Cry me a river, Liberal."

Those stinking racists in Congress are opposing immigration reforms again.  No, not the GOP.  The real racists.  Apparently only people from the correct countries - you know, the ones that produce potential Democratic voters - should be shown any preference with regard to immigration.

Being a conservative academic.  How difficult could it be, really?  Apparently not difficult at all, so long as you sit down and shut up.  Step out of line, though...
Finally, one day, an administrator called me in to chastise me for hanging a protest letter on my office door.
The protest letter included a photograph from the “NO H8” campaign, with a man in a white T-shirt gagged by duct tape... Ironically, the administrator did not know that the No-H8 campaign was originally for gay rights, so he thought the picture of a man with duct tape over his mouth came from some Tea Party hate site....
The word “offended” came up a dozen times — in the context of my colleagues who’d made anonymous complaints.
“When do I get to feel offended?” I asked.  ”Let’s say you were a Jewish soldier, and someone hung posters advertising some slapstick lampoon making fun of Jews.  Would you say nothing?”
The administrator stared back in deafening silence.
“Would you say nothing?”
“Yes,” he finally answered.  ”I would say nothing.”
Those clever progressives.  Why bother with censorship when you can just give your buddies the ability to sue anyone you disagree with into oblivion?  All you need to do is provide the proper incentives to the right people, and before you know it, your enemies are cowed, and you can claim that your hands are clean.  Not that they are, mind you, but you can claim it.

Finally, in the aptly titled post "Politics of Doom", Robert X brings the snark on GOP opposition to Susan Rice vis-à-vis GOP support for Condeleezza Rice:
Lookie here, WaPoMSNBC and Dems in gen, if'n y'wanna call 'em "partisan hacks," that's supportable; if you wanna tell us the GOP can't abide Mr. Obama's pick 'cos they are making a wrong interprtation of her role in wallpapering the Administration's slant on Benghazi on the Sunday politricks programs, fine; but you haven't a leg to stand on when you clam Susan Rice is opposed 'cos she is a woman of color -- unless you are claiming Condeleezza Rice is actually a fiendishly talented white female impersonator? (And in that case, why do you hate effeminate gay men?) Is it some "who's more black" contest? If so, you're objectifying women and racial minorities!

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