"What We Used To Be"

Saw this bit of... fluff...  making the rounds today:


Know what I remember from the last decade?  You know, before all us low-brow conservative and libertarian types got all uppity and above our station in life, and started challenging our liberal betters?

And that's just off the top of my head.

So, yeah.

What did we used to be?

  • Before the Tea Party?  There was MoveOn.org.
  • Before the Koch brothers?  There was George Soros.
  • Before Rush Limbaugh?  There was the lying main stream media.
  • Before the birthers?  There were the 9/11 Truthers.

When liberals long for "what we used to be", they don't want a return to a more civil, more noble, more caring America.  Oh, they'd like you to think that.  What they really want is a return to a time when they were the only voices the American people every heard.  When they were able to call all the shots because they were the only real players in the game.

They don't like the idea of dealing with those nasty, informed, aware citizens.  They'd much rather return to the halcyon days when they had all those nice, pliable, subjects voters instead.

Here's a clue, folks.  Not going to happen.

As Borepatch likes to say, "The Dinosaurs sniff a change on the breeze, and roar their defiance."

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