What ID Requirements?

This is North Carolina Democrat Jim Turner. He’s allegedly committed voter fraud, having voted for Barack Obama four times, and intends to vote again... 
He allegedly said so on his Facebook page. 

Allegedly.  I didn't see the original posting, and of course, the post is missing from his FB page now... instead, you can see that he acknowledges that a post has gone missing, and claims that his comments were "deleted as part of a conspiracy."

Stay classy, Dems.


Anonymous said...

sign this:

Anonymous said...

Look further down on this idiot's Facebook page. On September 24, 2012 he posts that he will be helping people REGISTER TO VOTE!! This idiot needs to be IN JAIL !! Here's his post: Tomorrow is National Voter Registration Day and I will be part of a group to provide help at Town Hall in Pine Knoll Shores, NC from 10:00 until 4:00. If you will be 18 by election day you MUST register to vote. Have you moved? Have you married? Changed you name?? If any of these apply you need to REGISTER TO VOTE.